Buy A Seahawks 12th Man Bus For The 2017 Season, Prove You’re Not A Fake 12

Are you a 12 who is tired of being called a fake 12 and you want to prove once and for all that you’re a loyalist who is with the Seahawks in good times and bad? Are you willing to invest in your 12dome? Are you ready to get down and dirty unlike the dot com 12s who roll in via their eco-friendly SUVs to make kickoff and then head home right after a win over the Rams?

It’s time to put up or shut up and you’ll need to put up $6,000 or ‘Make an Offer’ for this Russ Wilson-themed 12 bus that will prove once and for all that you’re 12 till you die.

It’s in¬†Anacortes, WA so plan accordingly.

The listing is short on details so you’ll want to ask all the important questions through the app. It appears there’s a keg tap so that’s cool. Are there two fridges or one? Looks like two. Get a couple buddies together, you all throw in a couple thousand and you’re in. Make 2017 fun, tell the wife that it’s time for that mini midlife crisis and you’re ready to get a tailgating bus.

[HT: @stackdizzlenizl]