Chris Mullin Made The Big East Great Again Last Night


I think we can all agree that the Big East is a shell of it’s former self. Half of the teams that made the Big East great left the conference and outside of Villanova, the ones that remain all stink. There was nothing better than the Big East tournament at the Garden. Nothing. So many great moments, so many rivalries, and now it just blows.

Well, Big East legend Chris Mullin is single handedly trying to save this snowflake of a conference. He’s trying to make the Big East great again and that starts with ruffling a little feathers and lighting a fire under some asses. How do you do that? You get into this scuffle and go after John Thompson III in the middle of a game.

It all started with this hard foul

He drew up the perfect play call after everything died down

The Big East is BACK


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