Julianne Hough Bachelorette Rager, Sub-6 40 In Heels & Gronk An Action Comedy Actor?


daily dump


You ready for some basketball? The ACC Tournament starts today from….Brooklyn. There’s also a full slate of World Baseball Classic games to fake care about. And how about some soccer to fake care about. It’s all on today. It’s a great day to be unemployed and worthless. Sit back, fire up your TVs, gamble a little, enjoy.

Julianne Hough’s bachelorette party rager

Hot Nebraska teacher up to no good

Lions beat writer Tori Petry runs sub-6 40 in heels!

Gronk an action comedy actor? It could happen, director says

Western Kentucky football vs. Frat Brawl


2 Florida Mans settle online argument with an old fashioned shootout, both are dead

Meet Jessica from Arizona State

Dunk Reaction of the Day

Country Fried Poutine of the Day

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