Dirtbag Notre Dame Fan & Her Baby Daddy Overdose, 5 Year Old Calls Cops, Thought Parents Were Dead

Rally sons of Notre Dame:
Sing her glory and sound her fame,
Raise her Gold and Blue,
And cheer with voices true:
Rah, rah, for Notre Dame.

You think Notre Dame fan Sarah Williams was singing that Saturday night when she hammered home 30mg of “Roxy” in Sharon, PA while her baby daddy was firing up a syringe of heroin to get right after a busy day of life? Doubt it, too. What a world we live in.

From WFMJ:

Two Sharon residents have been arrested after a five-year-old boy called 9-1-1 to report that he thought his parents were dead.

But police who arrived at the Pine Hollow Village Apartment Complex on East Connelly Boulevard Saturday night say that Sarah Williams and Timothy Kolsky Jr, both 30, were suffering from drug overdoses. Police found the child’s parents unconscious, inside a small closet near the kitchen.

According to police, Kolsky Jr. had overdosed on heroin, and Williams was under the influence of painkillers.

Inside a small closet? Seems like a comfortable spot. Of course these two dirtbags were shot up with Narcan, they survived and are likely headed right back to the heroin.

Just another day in America.