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You can buy the Biggie Smalls death car

Just like the Tupac death car that was listed earlier this week, you can also get the Biggie death SUV for the same price — $1.5 million. It’s also listed from the same memorabilia dealer, Moments in Time… Days before the 20th anniversary of the death of Brooklyn rap legend the Notorious B.I.G. (a k a Biggie Smalls) on March 9, the SUV he was riding in when he was shot is going up for sale. And it still runs. The price of the car is now $1.5 million, although after Smalls’ death it was bought by a woman who had no idea of its provenance.“My guess is that the car was sold for roughly $10,000. The woman that bought the car needed something that could fit her family of six. She had the car for four years before she realized that it was Biggie Smalls’ car,”  Gary Zimet, memorabilia dealer at Moments in Time, told Page Six.

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