Florida Man Shows Up At Party 'High On Zanni Bars', Leaves In Cop Car With His Face Rearranged

Florida Man Sean Martin, 23, showed up to a pool party Wednesday night “high on Zanni bars” and decided to beat up a couple of the chicks at the pool party. One thing led to another and the cops showed up and Sean left the party with his face rearranged. Not that it matters, but the cops say Sean hit his face. His fault.
From CBS-47 Jacksonville:

One of the women told deputies that she was having a pool party Wednesday on Eagle Point Drive in St. Augustine when a friend asked if she could come over. She said she told her friend not to bring Martin, but he showed up drunk and “high on┬áZanni┬ábars.” The second victim told deputies Martin was “acting out of his mind on bars.”
When deputies asked Martin what happened, he said he was attacked by two girls for no reason and would never lay his hands on a female.
Deputies said Martin had a blood-alcohol level of .103 percent and a lot of blood on his face.
One deputy said Martin had difficulty standing and focusing when he told her how he got injured. He was arrested on two counts of misdemeanor battery. Deputies said Martin banged his head against the plastic divider and spit in the patrol car. He also yelled insults at the deputy on the way to the jail and told them to have fun cleaning the car, deputies said. He was taken to a hospital for evaluation, then booked at the jail. Records show Martin was released on bail at 11:20 a.m. Thursday.

Not sure the exact definition of Zanni bars, but Urban Dictionary has this under Zannies.

Still trying to figure out if these idiots bake zannies into cookies or if it’s just a figure of speech. Not going to lie, you put zannies into a soft chocolate chip cookie and I’ll eat 25-30 before even thinking about slowing down.
As for this situation, let’s hope the girls Sean assaulted are OK and his face is permanently f’d up.

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