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Turns out ‘Gary From Chicago’ from the Oscars just got out of prison

#GaryFromChicago would’ve been the viral sensation from the Oscars on Sunday if it wasn’t for that accountant screwing up the envelopes for Best Picture. He strolled into the theater with a bunch of other tourists and controlled the room immediately. The internet went nuts, he had a hashtag trending, and he was about to be the next Ken Bone. Then the Best Picture snafu happened and everyone forgot about him. Well, that was probably a good thing because people did some digging and it turns out he’s a sex offender who just got out of prison. Page Six has more: But Coe was only able to be there because he had been released from the slammer Friday, ABC7 reported.It turns out the 59-year-old had been imprisoned for 25 years to life after getting his “third strike” in California for petty theft in 1997. He had previously been busted for attempted rape as a teenager, according to his lawyer, public defender Karen Nash, on Facebook, and then for grand theft in 1994. The sex-assault arrest was enough to land him on California’s Megan’s Law registry, Nash said. The other two minor arrests gave him his “Draconian” sentence, she said. Whoops!

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