Jahlil Okafor Doesn't Give a Damn About Defense

With Nerlens Noel basketballing in Dallas and Joel Embiid out for the season, you’d assume now would be the perfect time for Jahlil Okafor to remind everyone why he was taken with the third overall pick a couple years ago.
Or not!
Big Jah’s in Miami tonight looking like he just wants to get his paycheck and bail. We joke about midseason NBA defense all the time, but this is right here is really something:
Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised… Draft Express’s 2015 scouting report on Jah’s defense:

The biggest question marks around Okafor revolve around his play on the defensive end, where he was very inconsistent this season. He has the size, strength and length to be more than adequate if he puts his mind to it, and did show some flashes on this end of the floor from time to time, particularly as a post-defender.
With that said, Okafor typically looked far too lackadaisical on this end of the floor, jogging back nonchalantly and looking downright lazy in stretches. He gives up deep post-position too often and isn’t aggressive enough looking to body his man when he does receive the ball, possibly out of fear of getting in foul trouble.

Lackadaisical? Lazy? Not aggressive? Dude hit the trifecta in one possession!

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