Pregnant Paulina Gretzky Reminds All The IG Pretenders Who's Still The Champ

Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky revealed over the weekend that they’re having another boy and two days later Paulina’s posting the above photo on IG to remind all the losers out there that she’s still the champ even though she’s become a baby factory. Something tells me she pops out another kid, goes through a 6-8 month process until she’s fully BACK & then she’ll have the family perfectly positioned and she’ll then become the hottest mom on the planet.
Paulina captioned her newest photo:

“I need a caption.” – The entire female population.

Such a direct shot at all the IG pretenders. Laser to the gap.

Still not married, Dustin and Paulina have been rolling since the wedding was called off, she got pregnant and suddenly Dustin starts winning big tourneys. Now Dustin’s is ranked first in the World Golf Rankings and the family is expanding. Paulina will turn 29 this year and she’ll have the two boys. I say her grand return comes at 31 in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. That’s my prediction.
SI will be desperate, the body will snap back and the magazine will be one of the biggest sellers in history.

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