Chelsa Messinger: I Wasn’t Fired…I Left TV For Europe Vacation, But I’m Ready To Sign Free Agent Deal

There’s been some drama on the BC timeline this week over our old friend Chelsa Messinger (@ChelsaMessinger) and her sports reporting job at WINK in southwest Florida. We’ve had two different readers tell us that Chelsa had been fired. So I did what any smart Internet reporter would do, I slid into Chelsa’s DMs to hear the real story about what was going on with one of our favorite TV sports reporters.

Chelsa wasted little time getting into the details:

• She left her contract early in order to go on a European vacation with her husband, Cubs pitcher Jake Buchanan

• She hadn’t had more than four consecutive days off in three years

• She wants to get back into broadcasting

• She’s a free agent

There it is, I got to the bottom of why our old friend Chelsa’s not doing the TV thing these days. Can’t really blame someone for taking a stand in order to get a little time off. I have days like that.