Siena Basketball Fan Nails Half Court Shot, Gets Surprise Proposal From Her Boyfriend



Normally, proposing to your girlfriend at sporting events is right up there in worst ideas ever. Any regular person knows how lame and corny doing to the sporting event proposal is. There’s a zero percent chance the girl thinks it’s romantic and if we’re being honest, the guy comes off as a total loser. We can agree on that, right?

BUT… there are some exceptions depending on the right circumstances. Things like proposing at a game after your team won a championship is something I can let slide. Especially if you’re both fans of the team. Also things like this video can be an exception. The girlfriend, Erin Tobin, drains a half court shot going baseball style and her boyfriend pops out of the Dunkin Donuts costume to propose. It’s still a little lame because it’s a Siena basketball game and he hid in a god damn Dunkin Donuts cup. But she did just nail a half court shot and you’re all but guaranteed to go viral. This one is toeing the line a little bit, but it gets a pass.

If she missed, though, that ring better have went right back into the pocket.

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