What Are The SC6 Ratings Looking Like?


I see you guys on Twitter begging for the SC6 rating numbers so when STR dropped this tweet I knew you’d be interested. We’re now just a week into the Michael Smith and Jemele Hill experiment and the SC6 crew has beaten the 2016 rating once and has been able to keep the ratings relatively close on a few other days.

Look at the numbers. I don’t need to write a bunch of words. I’m just writing words because Google’s algorithm says I need to write a certain amount of copy so the robots don’t think this is a spam post.

Blah, blah, blah.

Oh, and what the hell is going on with PTI’s numbers? Look at those losses vs. SC6. Yes, SC6 promos have been running constantly for a month. Still, those PTI numbers seem alarming. The old timers watching politics instead of Mike & Tony? Cord cutters? Doesn’t seem like the PTI demo would be cutting.

Hate SC6 all you want, the crew isn’t going anywhere if they can keep the loses at this percentage.

What do the SC6 ratings look like next to your other favorite shows to sweat?

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