Chandler Parsons Will Be Killing It in Chancun During All-Star Break



Judging from this Commercial Appeal article headlined, “Chandler Parsons Just Doesn’t Get It,” it didn’t take very long for Grizzlies fans and Memphis media to sour on their big offseason acquisition.

Can’t really blame them, either — $94.8 million for the antithesis of Grit N’ Grind basketball and brittle knees? The guy has been such a non-factor this season that someone discovered Chandler has more IG posts than points for the Grizzlies.

All that being said, the BC office has no issues with big Chandler enjoying the perks of being a max guy. He wasn’t the reckless GM who shelled out the money, he just rightfully took what was offered to him… and often flaunts his good fortune on social media.

Now he’s headed off to Chancun (!) to enjoy his All-Star break after a big nine-point performance against the Pelicans:

If that looks like a Chancun hat, it’s because it is — and the BC office desperately needs a batch:

Can’t wait for the Snap updates, you know it’s always lit when Chandler has free time:

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