Kay Felder Handles His Rookie Duties By Dressing Up Like An Oompa Loompa For Richard Jefferson


Cavs guard Kay Felder is 5’9″ in case you didn’t know why Richard Jefferson would have the rookie dress as an Oompa Loompa before tonight’s game against the Pacers. It’s good to see hazing still apart of the NBA game. Baseball’s all into banning fun like forcing rookies to wear diapers and crazy shit like that.

Not the NBA. You can still disrespect the living daylights out of some 5-foot-nothing rookie.

Richard Jefferson’s trying to win some Shorty Award for being a great Snapchatter or whatever. Little known fact…Busted was once nominated for a Shorty Award for some GIF I posted back in the day. I was invited to the awards and everything. I’m still not sure why I was nominated. One of the great mysteries surrounding the BC years of my life.

As for RJeff…see that costume, Felder? Put it on…NOW!


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