Danica Patrick Is Back On Her Instagram Yoga Game



Been a while since our girl Danica showed of that flexibility on the Gram. She had a run last year where it seemed like nonstop yoga posts for about six months straight. Hey, I’m not complaining. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, nobody loves doing yoga more than Danica. And not only that, she’s freaking awesome at it. The stuff she’s doing I couldn’t even dream about doing. The best handstand I’m doing is in a pool and even then I might need a wall nearby.

So after taking a little break from the yoga on Instagram, she’s back and it looks like she’s been working on some things.

I did it!!!!!! Finally a puppy press! @onwordjourneys, I did it! ☺️✨

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The 2017 NASCAR season kicks off next week in Daytona and the 500 is the following week. Danica looks ready.

Danica doing yoga

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