Genie Bouchard Bet Against Tom Brady, Now Owes Twitter Stranger a Date

Genie Bouchard revealed her relationship with the St. Louis Blues’ Jordan Caron last week, but she’ll be going on a date with someone else after an unfortunate Super Bowl snafu.

As you can see below, Genie, like a good chunk of the world, thought the Falcons had this game in the bag at 28-3. She was definitely a little cocky about it:

Then an opportunistic Twitter hero came along and proposed a bet to Genie: Pats win and he gets a date. High ceiling move for sure — worst-case scenario is no response; best-case scenario is extreme Internet exposure.

Genie could’ve just ignored this dude, but…

And just like that, a Canadian learned that Teflon Tom is no joke when he’s not playing the Giants in the Super Bowl:

Random Twitter guy really wants this:

Meanwhile, the face of regret:

Update: Genie’s game.

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Genie Bouchard on a Post-Aussie Open Vacation
Genie Bouchard on a Post-Aussie Open Vacation
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