Falcons Fans: You NEED To Watch Atlanta Dick's Stocking Store With Super Bowl Champs Gear

Falcons fan: This is going to be absolutely devastating to watch. It’s a video from the Dick’s Sporting Goods in Buckhead. Here comes the very bad news — it shows employees putting Super Bowl LI champions gear on mannequins and stocking the store for that elusive Super Bowl title.
I’m sorry.
That probably just sent you into a bad place, but you need to see it. You need to see it because you need to expect more from your coaches like Kyle Shanahan. He’ll be leaving town so remember this the next time he rolls back into ATL with a new team.
He knows it was his mistake in the second half up 28-3. He blew it. Matt Ryan helped on 2nd and 11 from the N.E. 24, but you get the point.

Of course he blew it. At least he admits it. Meanwhile, we have the anti-choke truthers out here with an anti-choke campaign rolling along.

Of course Michigan Man Deitsch doesn’t think it was a choke job…that would change the Tommy narrative:

Baseball guy weighs in:

Never forget how this feels:

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