Ex-ESPNer Travis Haney Goes In On Erin Andrews For Treating Him 'Rudely'

If you like Erin Andrews fighting with random people, you may end up getting Erin Andrews fighting with a member of the media after the salvo launched late last night by former ESPN college football writer Travis Haney towards Pageviews and how she once treated him.
Haney, who started at ESPN in 2012, didn’t expand on his treatment by Pageviews. And we know it wasn’t some sort of drunken moment during the Super Bowl gone bad. Now a 247Sports college football writer, @travhaney didn’t delete the tweets after getting a solid night of sleep.
Fighting words, folks. Here they are.

Annnnnndddddd…that will eventually get a reaction. Pageviews isn’t one to back down from confrontation on Twitter. If she’ll fight with a Twitter egg, she’s going to have words for Haney. I can just feel it. This will get back to her.
The unfortunate thing about this potential Twitter war is that Haney wouldn’t expand on the details.
It wasn’t always bad for these two. We’ll have to wait for the full report as to when things went south.

What have I been told about Pageviews by people who have worked with her? They’ve told me she’s a pain in the ass. Let’s just call a spade a spade. This goes back to the College GameDay days. Am I shocked? Not at all. Have you ever been around sports TV people in general? Most of them are a pain in the ass. Most of them are walking 30 Under 30 or 40 Under 40 trophy chasers.
I met Pageviews once at Florida State during a GameDay stop. Asked for a photo. She was fine. Of course there were 500 people surrounding her.
Folks, it’s entertainment. I’d be pissed if they all had the kindness of a Red Cross volunteer in a war-torn country. I NEED some of them to be assholes. It keeps this whole thing rolling.
Have a Pageviews interaction we need to hear about? I can keep it anonymous:
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