Annnnnnnddddd…..Pageviews Is Already Reading Her Super Bowl Sunday Comments

That didn’t take long. Erin Andrews is already looking at her comments. At 9 a.m. CT on Super Bowl Sunday in Houston where she’ll be workin’ a sideline for the Fox broadcast. I’m sure she’ll also have some heartfelt interview with one of the players before the game that will include sappy music and some sort of feel-good moment where the player takes a deep breath to reflect on life. Meanwhile, Pageviews will get a tear in her eye and the Fox Nation will suddenly feel super sappy for life in the 1950s.
It’s a Fox broadcast. Remember that. Troops. 1950s. Life as it used to be. Yada, yada, yada.
Annnnnnnndddd Pageviews is already firing up the Twitter machine looking to argue on one of the biggest days of her career. She’s working the game where Tom Brady can put to rest the greatest QB of all-time argument and this is how she starts the day.
Clearly she’s not going to take your shit today. That means is the perfect time to troll her. Go for it. We’re here to keep track of her reactions.


Today’s┬áSuper Bowl sideline crew:

Kirk Cousins Shoved A Ref At A Charity Flag Football Game
Kirk Cousins Shoved A Ref At A Charity Flag Football Game
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