Atlanta Mayor Signs Ordinance To Keep Bars Open Late On Super Bowl Sunday

That man above, Mayor Kasim Reed of Atlanta, just sent his approval rating through the god damn roof. Until the possible Falcons win on Sunday, he will be the most popular person in the city. Why you ask? Well, he just signed an executive order to keep bars open late on Sunday night for all the fans in the city.
Eater Atlanta:

Mayor Kasim Reed has signed an executive order that will allow bars in the city to remain open until 2:30 a.m. Monday morning. Normally, Atlanta’s watering holes run dry at the stroke of midnight as Sunday turns to Monday.

The order reads as follows: “Whereas, the Mayor, in celebration of the Atlanta Falcons NFC Championship win; and in recognition of the desire of the citizens of and visitors to the City of Atlanta to celebrate the Falcons participation in Super Bowl LI, hereby suspends enforcement of the current allowable hours of operation at certain locations licensed for the sale of alcohol for on premises consumption on Super Bowl Sunday so as to accommodate the festive nature of this day.”

Yes, bars close at midnight in Atlanta on Sundays. I know, it sounds crazy, but before 2011 you couldn’t even buy alcohol at all on Sundays in most GA counties, so this is a win. It’s going to be a wild night if the Dirty Birds pull it off.

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