Upset Of The Century: JR Smith Says He Never Drank Hennessy

This has to be just a flat out lie, right? One of my favorite running jokes on Twitter, that I presumed was 100% true, was that JR Smith LOVED Hennessy. After the Cavs won the title, there were JR Hennessy jokes for like a month straight. Everyone basically assumed for the rest of the summer he was going to be shirtless with a bottle of Henny within arms reach at all times.
Turns out it’s not true. JR answered a bunch of questions on Twitter this morning and said twice that he never drank Hennessy. Fake news!

I haven’t seen a bigger upset than this in a long time. I have a whole new perspective on JR now. So much has changed.
He will always be the pipe gawd, though.

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