Buy This Chicago Bears Tailgate Creeper Van — $1,400


For the third consecutive year, the Chicago Bears finished dead last in the NFC North with a depressing 3-13 record. Suffice it to say, dropping money on this team at its current state shouldn’t be a high priority.

But you’re an NFL fan, and that’s not how you roll. You see a pretty cheap creeper van on the market for $1,400 and think to yourself, “Is this something me and the boys need next season?” The answer should be “Hell no,” but you fire off that email anyway because football is life.

Details from the Craigslist ad:

1991 GMC Safari Chicago Bears party van.
– New Tires
– New Brakes
– New Exhaust
– Heat works.

Again, there’s nothing jawdropping here. The van is just cheap AF, especially if you split the cost with other people.