Looks Like Nick Young Really is Cool With D’Angelo Russell, Showers Him With Postgame Shoutouts

Coming into the season I thought the Lakers were asking for trouble by keeping Nick Young and D’Angelo Russell on the same roster. Russell, of course, started crazy drama last year after his secret Snap of Swaggy P talking about cheating on Iggy Azalea leaked online.

The two were obviously not cool to end last season with Swaggy liking D-Lo snitch memes and telling everyone he hates 2016 on Twitter.
However! The unexpected has happened — Swaggy and D-Lo appear to have repaired their relationship. Seriously, D-Lo dropped 10 assists for the first time in his career Tuesday night and his old nemesis had nothing but love for him:
Kudos to Swaggy. We imagine it’s not very easy to work with someone who’s partly (Nick did cheat, after all) responsible for nuking your relationship.

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