Super Bowl 51 Prop Bets for the Degenerate Gamblers


Much to the delight of degenerate gamblers across the world, Super Bowl 51 between the Patriots and Falcons is just a week away. That’s right. The wonderful part of the year when you can make serious bank (or lose everything!) on random shit like a coin toss or someone’s hair color is upon us. and have a nice list of prop bets which include a bevy of Lady Gaga, Luke Bryan’s national anthem time, and much more.

Take a look below, and then get those bets in.

Will Lady Gaga Have a Wardrobe Malfunction (Expose Intimate Part of Body)/ Sportsbook

Yes (+600)
No (-1400)

How Long Will it Take Luke Bryan to Sing the US National Anthem (From his first to last note)/ Sportsbook

O 127.5 seconds (-125)
U 127.5 seconds (-115)

Will Lady Gaga Have All Blonde Hair For Her 1st Song At Halftime Show? / Sportsbook

Yes (-400)
No (-225)

Will Aaron Hernandez be mentioned? / Bookmaker
Yes (+450)
No (-700)

Number of “Deflategate” mentions (halftime excluded)/ Bookmaker

Over 2.5 (+280)
Under 2.5 (-450)

James Harden appear in a commercial in SB LI? / Bookmaker
Yes (-200)
No (+155)

Lady Gaga’s first song? / Bookmaker

The Edge of Glory (-105)
Born This Way (+2000)
Just Dance (+1500)
Applause (+1700)
Poker Face (+1300)
Bad Romance (+135)
Paparazzi (+2500)
Other (+500)

Number of Peyton Manning commercial appearances? / Bookmaker

Over 1.5 (-200)
Under 1.5 (+155)

Will someone illegally enter the field of play? / Bookmaker

Yes (+1500
No (-5500)

Will Lady Gaga say “Trump?” / Bookmaker

Yes (+330)
No (-500)

Number of Gisele appearances (halftime excluded) / Bookmaker

Over 1.5 (+155)
Under 1.5 (-200

Joe Buck or Troy Aikman mentioning Tom Brady’s draft round / Bookmaker

Yes (-160)
No (+130)

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