Meet Viola From Austin

Those of you who’ve been around over the years know that we’ve featured models for photographers as part of our foundation. That’s the old BC way. Consider it a public service to you the reader, the photographer and the model. I received an old school DM this week from a photographer who had a model that he thought you guys would appreciate.
Her name is Viola and she’s from Austin, Texas.
Who am I to say “no” to a photographer and model who worked their asses off to make these photos a reality. I know you guys are out there busting your ass and you appreciate a model like the old days on the internet. Google tries to hold us down by telling us we’re not allowed to feature hot models. Will I comply? Zero chance. We’ll keep rolling on.
Thanks, Viola!

More from the Viola bio:

Occupation: Student – Real Estate School
Interests: working out, tanning, her pet chihuahuas, shopping, modeling, dancing
Instagram: @violamayyy
Snapchat: violafitchickxo

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