Michael Irvin Look-Alike Steals Car Outside Funeral Home, Takes Custom Leg Braces

BC reader @seanvaughnjovi sent word while I was at lunch that there’s a Michael Irvin-looking scumbag in Evansville, Indiana who is wanted for a rather despicable crime that involves a stolen vehicle and custom leg braces.

Evansville police are asking for the community’s help to catch a theft suspect.
The theft happened on January 8, around 11:40, at Ziemer’s Funeral Home in the 800 block. of S. Hebron.
According to police, while the victim was just steps away from the vehicle helping her disabled husband get into the funeral home a thief got in and drove away.
Police say several items, including checks and credit cards, were also in the car when it was taken.The thief also took custom leg braces that belonged to the victim’s husband.
EPD says the day after the theft a man used of the stolen checks to make a purchase at the CVS at 2020 E Morgan.

I’ll be honest, it’s actually looking a little more like Marvin Harrison.

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