Julia Pereira & Daniela Cosio Destroy Beach, Grayson Allen’s Finger & Reggie Bush Baby Mama Drama

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Get your shiit done early today. The NFC kickoff is at 3:05. Joe & Troy will be on your TV. The AFC kicks off at 6:40, which means it’ll end at like 11. Buckle up. Soccer dorks have a full day of action. Same goes for the college basketball world. Your tip-offs start at noon on FS1. Gamble your hearts out today kids. Love AFC/NFC championship day, especially back when I actually gambled on football. It’s a great day for those of you who don’t have girlfriends or wives. You can be a degen in peace.

HOOOLY SHEET — Julia Pereira & Daniela Cosio destroy a beach

Reggie Bush’s alleged hot side piece baby mama…and she’s filing papers on his ass!

Poor Grayson Allen…finger injury!

Watch Tito’s finishing move last night on Sonnen — Tito’s last MMA fight

Pittsburgh dirtbag spits on TV cameraman

Aaron Rodgers takes shot at Georgia Dome’s sound…fake noise?

This degen Florida Woman tried to use fake $20s at Walmart, Applebees

Meet Kailin from The U

Chicago Bulls Playing Some Great Offense, But Still Won Video of the Day

Dwyane Wade air-balled this layup. 😂 #ShaqtinAFool


— NBA SKITS (@NBA_Skits) January 22, 2017

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