Skip Bayless Is Still Losing His Mind Over The Cowboys Loss

If we’re being completely honest here, I think Skip Bayless might have gradually gone clinically insane over the past week. Six days ago his Cowboys lost because Aaron Rodgers isn’t human, and over these last six days we’ve been seeing the signs of Skip finally losing his mind.
On Wednesday night, completely out of the blue, he tossed this tweet out there. All caps and still not over the loss.

Fine, it’s only 3 days after the game, so I’ll cut him some slack. Some people need a couple of days after a tough loss. But then the next day we start entering psycho territory with another all caps tweet about Mason Crosby.

Now we get through the whole day Friday thinking he’s finally gotten over it. No more caps lock, no more complaining, but of course he comes back with the thunder again last night. This time we’re getting REAL weird. I mean completely off the deep end. Skip has now convinced himself that there was a possibility of dark forces or aliens helping Crosby make his kicks.

I think we can officially say Skip has lost it.

Pageviews Tells Twitter Troll to Go Back to His Hole
Pageviews Tells Twitter Troll to Go Back to His Hole
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