Packers Fan Invades The Inauguration, Colleen Crowley Beach Yoga & Warren Sapp’s Trump Shout Out

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3 football games left until September

We’re down to the wire, folks, and if you’re a cynical bastard like me, that means you know there’s only 3 football games left for the next 7 months and you’re probably dreading it. Even my team is playing in a Championship game tomorrow, it’s hard for me to get excited knowing it’s all going to be over in two weeks. It’s a sad way to look at things, but it’s the truth. Only 3 more 60 minute games. Let’s enjoy it, people

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Robert Kraft paid $172M to purchase the #Patriots in 1994. A recent #Forbes study valued the team at $3.4 billion. #NFL #SportsBiz

— Robert Raiola, CPA (@SportsTaxMan) January 21, 2017