Ohio Man Admits He Shot His Buddy While High On PCP & Watching An NBA Game With Friends


That’s Roy Hill, left, who admits he shot his friend Walter Hobbs in the chest while watching an NBA game in a Cleveland apartment with other friends. Hill was high on PCP. The Cavs beat the Nets 90-88 that night. No word if the group was watching the Cavs, but what’s clear is that Hill pumped a fatal shot through Hobbs and has been sentenced to 25 years in the pen for the killing.

From Cleveland.com:

Hill was with Hobbs and a group of people watching an NBA game at an apartment on East 87th Street near St. Clair Avenue last year.

Hill started to act strange during the game and pulled a pistol, court records say. Hobbs tried to leave the apartment, but Hill kept him from leaving, records say. The two struggled, and Hill fired a fatal shot into Hobbs’ chest.

Hill also fired at the rest of the group watching the game as he ran away. None of the others were injured, police said.

LeBron hit a game-winner that night with one second on the clock.

Look kids, need another reason why drugs like PCP are bad for you? Now Hill is sitting in jail for the next 20 or so years, he’ll never get another chance to hit the Q for a game in the LeBron era and Hobbs paid with his life that night.

“What I did was wrong and I have to pay for it,” Hill said as he apologized to Hobbs’ family in the courtroom.

Here’s the LeBron hook that won it that night.