Cowboys Fan Goes From Running His Mouth To Pure Agony After Rodgers Ripped Out His Heart


Imagine you’re Cowboys fan (I’m calling him) ‘Big Boy’ and you think the NFC title road is about to come through Dallas. You’re thinking Dak & Zeke are about to eat. You’re about to go out and get a Zeke jersey to go with your Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones #72.

And then Aaron Rodgers flicks a football 35 yards, sets up field goal range and Mason Crosby slides one between the pipes, ending your season. Pure agony.

I wonder how Big Boy is going on with his life. I sit here and wonder if he blames Dak for spiking it on first down with :48 to go. I wonder if he’s mad Romo wasn’t brought in early when Dak was struggling. I wonder if he’s blaming Garrett. I wonder if he woke up Monday with a huge headache. I wonder if ‘Big Boy’ has ever been to a Cowboys game.

So many questions, but what’s clear is that he wasn’t running his mouth after the game.

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