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I don’t know how Vegas will keep the lights on

They’re calling it the worst weekend in years. The public put its money on the Packers and Steelers…and murdered the sports books. Just murdered them to the point where they’re begging for you to lose your ass during AFC/NFC weekend and the Super Bowl. Bettors were willing to lay the giant odds. Sportsbook operator CG Technology took a $50,000 money-line bet on the Patriots when the odds dropped to -1,500 earlier in the week. The bet netted $3,300. There were some stabs on the underdog Texans at 10-1 to win straight up, too, including a $10,000 money-line bet placed on Houston right before kickoff at CG Technology. You know what Vegas needs to do to keep the lights on? Charge for parking in the casino garages. That’ll make the bottom line look better to investors in the 2nd Q. I’m still trying to figure out how Vegas will make money after all of the joints are charging to park. Surcharge for you to breathe the smoky air?

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$377,603 = Amount @KingJames makes each #NBA regular season game in 2016-17 season.

— Robert Raiola, CPA (@SportsTaxMan) January 17, 2017

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Your Moment of Flair….remember this today when you walk into that sales job

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) January 17, 2017