The Chargers Got Bullied Into Changing Their Logo On Twitter… Twice

By now, you’ve surely seen the lame ass logo above that the Chargers unveiled on Thursday as part of their move to Los Angeles. Luckily for us, the internet exists and it’s a magical, magical place. It will call you out on all of your bullshit immediately and that’s why it’s great. You make a lame joke, you’ll hear about it. You get a fact wrong, you’ll hear about it. You unveil a logo that’s just the Dodgers logo in italics with a little lightning bolt at the end, the internet will bully you into submission.
And that’s exactly what happened yesterday not once, but twice. The internet made fun of the Chargers so much that they changed their logo on Twitter two times. That my friends, is why it’s the best.

Nice try, but you can’t just change the colors and expect everything to be roses and daisies. About four hours later:

That’s a win for the internet, folks.

Here’s the best of people roasting the new logo

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