Get a $50 Selfie With Johnny Football During Super Bowl Week!

johnny manziel autograph signing


Johnny Manziel, who was the last Browns quarterback to win a game up until Week 16, will take a break from living the fast life to give Texas A&M fans and Heisman memorabilia seekers what they want: an autograph signing during Super Bowl week!

TEXAS! Former #BROWNS & #TEXASAandM JOHNNY MANZIEL will be signing autographs FEB2&3! @JManziel2 #Houston #Aggies

— Athlete Appearances (@cravetheauto) January 5, 2017

According to, Johnny will be signing at Katy Mills Mall and Woodlands Mall on Feb. 2-3. You better have a bill on hand if you want him to sign that Aggies helmet:

$99 Any Item, $99 Photo Op, $29 Inscriptions (up to 4 words), $50 selfies.

People probably see those prices and wonder why someone would shell out cash on an NFL bust, but there is a market, as ESPN’s Darren Rovell notes:

“We’ve gotten calls from younger fans, A&M fans and people who are Heisman Trophy collectors,” Gaytan said of Manziel, the former star Aggies QB.

Gaytan said Manziel won’t sign anything that isn’t universally thought of as “appropriate.”

There’s a fairly large contingent of people who collect signatures from Heisman winners, and Manziel’s fading from the public eye made him a nearly impossible get in the past year.

Pro-tip: Just get that selfie with Manziel when you see him around town. He always seems to oblige:

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