Meet Camilla Martin – Girlfriend Of Clemson Gym Rat Hunter Renfrow

I have bad news for all the Clemson ladies who are dreamers with visions of hooking up with Tigers superhero Hunter Renfrow, the gym rat wide receiver who caught the national championship game-winning touchdown.
He has a girlfriend and her name is Camilla Martin. And I know that gritty Renfrow has been with Martin since before he became an instant legend in Clemson, South Carolina because I blogged about these two last year during the national championship.
Nothing changed over the last year except now the first-one-in, last-one-out Renfrow is now one of the most recognized athletes in western South Carolina sports history. This Renfrow kid will be signing Sports Illustrateds until the day he dies. I’ve said this time and time again about national championship heroes: You’ll never go poor. If so, it was your own fault because there’s always a car dealership that’ll pay you to shoot a commercial.
So ladies, you’ll probably want to move on. Camilla pretty much sent out a ‘Stay Away’ IG the other night.

Ask me how happy I was to squeeze that cute face🤗❤️ (also ask me how hard I cried after he scored that last touchdown) Love you more than you’ll ever know Hunts, beyond proud of who you are on and off the field. Congratulations National Champion 🎉🎉

Belichick will be calling you two north here in a couple years when Hunter graduates (with honors, I presume) and is ready to become a Patriot.
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