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Self-driving shuttle bus!

And guess where they’re testing the bus? Yes, VegasThe driverless vehicle — called Arma and developed by the Paris-based company Navya — will be making trips down Fremont Street from today to Jan. 20 as developers test the product. “What a wonderful day for all of us to witness this,” Goodman said. “Being the control freak that I am, I was very nervous to get on this vehicle, but it is clean, has beautiful air and moves sort of swiftly but so beautifully down Fremont East.” The vehicle holds a dozen passengers and operates safely at up to 27 miles per hour but will be limited to 12 mph during the trial period. Normally I’m pro-humans having jobs, but I’m pro-self driving shuttle buses. You ever been on one of those buses out in Vegas? Those drivers are maniacs. I’m even more pro-self-driving taxis on the Strip. I’m tired of hearing some Middle Eastern dude go off on politics when all I can think about is going on a craps heater. Thanks Vegas. Automate it all.

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