South Carolina Native Nancy Odell Celebrates Clemson’s Title



If you follow Nancy Odell on any form of social media, you know how much of a die hard Clemson fan she is, so last night was a big night for her. I’d say outside of sports, she’s probably the biggest celebrity Clemson fan that we know of.

Naturally, after that unbelievable game last night we’re going to get some celebratory posts out of her and she didn’t disappoint.

National Champs! Luv my Tigers!!!!!!

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I feel like the entertainment industry doesn’t give college football enough love. Well, at least compared to the NFL, so it’s nice to see someone out there holding it down for us college fans out there.

I'm screaming so loudly!!!!!!!!' #nationalchampionship #allin omg omg ongoing

— Nancy O'Dell (@nancyodell) January 10, 2017


— Nancy O'Dell (@nancyodell) January 10, 2017


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