Oregon Player Pulls A Draymond, Kicks Opponent Right In The Nuts


I don’t know what the deal is with these basketball players kicking each other in the balls, but it’s really getting out of hand. I wish I loved anything as much as these guys love flailing their legs right into someone’s family jewels. Draymond started the trend, Grayson Allen is current undisputed champ, but this Dillon Brooks from Oregon looks like he wants to make a run for the belt.

It all starts the same. Someone thinks they should’ve been fouled and instead of just dealing with it, they flop a little bit, legs go flying, and feet go right to the stones.

Before long, these players are going to start wearing cups just as a precaution.

Here's the video of Dillon Brooks' Flagrant 2 foul that resulted in ejection w/replay. Does it look intentional to you? #GoDucks #UOvsWSU pic.twitter.com/x109zkR4UZ

— Mike Skow (@Mike_Skow) January 8, 2017

[h/t Fanbuzz]