Fergie Destroys Maui, Bow & Arrow Halftime Show, Plus Florida Man Jerkin’ It

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We have yet another shiitty NFL wild card game to sit through — Dolphins-Steelers — before we get to the Giants-Packers game at 4:40 on Fox. There’s also a bunch of basketball to gamble on if you need action before, during and after the NFL games. I’m telling you, get to Vegas this time of year once for NFL action. I’ve been for AFC/NFC championship weekend and it’s a gambling junkie paradise.

Fergie destroys some Maui beach

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Utah State vs. UNLV women’s basketball brawl

Chick shoots bow and arrow with her feet during halftime

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Columbus, GA TV station has an awesome panic meter

This Florida Man says he wasn’t jerkin’ it…it was a bad itch

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