Dolphins Fan and Steelers Fan Almost Come to Blows

dolphins steelers fan fight

The Dolphins didn’t put up much of a fight during today’s blowout loss to the Steelers, but at least their fans showed some metal in enemy territory.

As you can see below, Dolphins fan, already dealing with the opposite of Miami weather, wasn’t going to deal with additional BS from a Steelers fan. We’re surprised he didn’t throw a shot after his sunglasses got slapped off.

Silly spectators yelling, “Act your age!” — this is par for the course at NFL stadiums.

Sidenote: Shoutout to Dolphins fans for coming through with a steady stream of content. You guys have beat up on 49ers, Jets, Steelers, and even fellow fans this season — we can’t ask for much more.

Watch yourself around Dolphins fans, they can get a little nasty: