Someone Is Selling Clemson “Grab ‘Em By The Balls” T-Shirts


Obviously this story about Clemson players grabbing opponents junk has taken over the sports world in the last 24 hours or so after Ben Boulware’s rant to the media about it yesterday. Basically he defended it by saying it’s just locker room shenanigans and going 4 fingers deep is as normal as showering with your teammates.

Clemson's Ben Boulware has thoughts on people ripping Christian Wilkins for, uh, grabbing a handful in the Fiesta Bowl.

— Brian Hamilton (@BrianHamiltonSI) January 4, 2017

Now everyone is talking about it again. Dan patrick just did 30 minutes on it, other shows are talking about it, and Twitter is cracking jokes. You know, just your normal headlines leading up to a National Championship game.

Well now we’re taking it one step further. Clemson fans who are down with a little taint touch are going to love this. Someone made a t-shirt just in time for the big game that says “Grab em by the balls!” with Christian Wilkins doing his thing. You can get it over on and it’s only going to stay up for another 5 days.

It’s really the only thing a Clemson fan should be wearing to the game.