Jimbo Fisher’s Girlfriend – Courtney Harrison

I’ve been hearing about Jimbo Fisher’s girlfriend since last fall when Florida State fans told me he moved on pretty fast from his ex-wife Candi, who might’ve done Jimbo dirty at the end of that marriage.

I guess it’s now as official as it’s going to get: Jimbo’s girlfriend is Tallahassee local Courtney Harrison.¬†You don’t go in for the Orange Bowl kiss if this isn’t Facebook official. This is like Jimbo telling us that he’s about to take things to the next level. New First Lady of Florida State football. Probably a romantic getaway to a beach. Facebook status change.

What a way for Jimbo to go out this season: The comeback, the wild ending, the kiss. You’d think there was some sort of reality show going on. Wait, A Season With Florida State Football on Showtime! Can’t wait to see that final episode.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…Jimbo might just put a ring on it this offseason. Guy seems rather happy.

Jimbo¬†Fisher’s girlfriend Courtney Harrison: