Buy This Cincinnati Bengals Tailgate Van — $2K

Bengals van

Last week, BC Joe told me that 2017 could be the year he finally splurges on a tailgate ride. We’ve touched on this topic numerous times, so I have a rough idea of what he’s looking for: Bengals themed (obviously) and nothing crazy expensive.

Perhaps the 1985 Ford Econoline above fits that bill? Apparently it was used as a church bus before being converted into something useful. The seller is only looking for $2,000, which isn’t crazy at all considering it looks pretty decent and clean.

Details from the seller:

I am sellIing my Cincinnati Bengal bus and ir van. It was a former church bus I converted and painted. It is a 1985 Ford extended church bus/van. It runs and drives great and has 2 fuel tanks. Tires are in great shape. It seats 10 people comfortably. I am only asking $2,000, so don’t get crazy on offer price. Thank you

To be honest, I’m a little surprised this thing has lasted more than two weeks on Craigslist. Bengals fans must be very down on the team.


Additional photos of the Bengals van