20 NSFW Black Dudes React To Jeanie Buss Being Back On The Market

Phil Jackson was smart to release news his relationship news via a Twitter message produced on his iPad on a slow Tuesday night between Christmas and New Years. Phil announced sorta late last night that he and Jeanie Buss were calling off their engagement and relationship that spanned 17 years.

Phil hooked up with Jeanie when she was 38 and he was leading the Lakers to multiple NBA titles. Imagine what that was like when Jeanie was hitting her prime and he had the NBA by the balls.

But all great things have to come to an end and basketball won out between these two. Both have different lives going on and Phil is all busy in New York trying to clean up that mess while creating more messes.

As for the BDs, I expected much more reaction to this news. It was fairly light from the BD crew, but I still busted out a post for the loyalists.