Ohio State Fans Are Going To Love The Special Christmas Gift I Got For Michigan Man Bellino

Of course I got my guys at Fox Sports Radio Toledo — Bellino and Burns — gifts for Christmas. It wasn’t in a gay way of getting gifts. It wasn’t like I got all serious with the gifts, but I did put a good wrap on the goods. Nothing drives me crazy like buying a great gift for someone and not putting in the effort with the wrap.
You can watch the video today at work of what goes down on Fridays when I stop into talk on the Morning Blitz. As for those of you who want to get something like this printed and want the details.
• Office Max
• 24″X36″
• $40
= Worth It.
*You guys seemed to like video of us talking on the radio so I might make that a weekly thing. Just a few guys in Ohio shooting the shit on the radio. Makes for great Periscope, I guess. 

** Burns got a Joe Rogan IG starter kit because he’s a UFC nerd:

  • 18″ beef stick
  • Jalapenos
  • (2) cans of Monster
  • 2011 & 2012 UFC Fight Collection on DVD

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