Oakland U. Coach Greg Kampe Wears Ugly Sweater During Game Because He's A Guy's Guy

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Greg Kampe has just been minding his business as head coach at Oakland U. since 1984, just minding his business to seven NCAA bids (4 in DII, 3 in DI), including a trip to the D-II NCAA regional semis in 1994 and then the D-II regional finals in 1997. Ho-hum. No biggie. 567 wins. Zzzzz.
Greg¬†finished 13-19 in 2005, but his team got to the NCAA tournament. The guy is the biggest living NCAA basketball legend that you’ve never heard of unless you live within an hour or so of Detroit. I only know of Kampe because he was a Toledo assistant and his name always came up in coaching discussions.

Add it all up, throw in an ugly sweater and you can clearly see why Kampe is a real guy’s guy. Just look at him in action last night against Northeastern, a 61-59 loss — just the second loss of the year for Oakland.
Oh, and Oakland gets to play Michigan State tonight in East Lansing. There’s a very good column in today’s Detroit Free Press about what Kampe has accomplished at Oakland and how he’ll play any team at any time in any arena around the country. That might be why he’s able to get Georgia to come north this time of year to play at his campus arena. That game is Friday.
Kampe’s a legend.

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