This Bird (Stripper) Cage Seems Like a Good Addition to Louisville Basketball Games

louisville stripper bird cage

We’re just over a year removed from Louisville’s epic escort scandal, but it looks like the university is moving on with life like it never happened. I mean, how else can you explain the decision to green light this stripper bird cage in time for their game against Kentucky?

Of course they would have this at a Louisville game. Halftime show may be NSFW

— T.J. Walker (@TJWalkerRadio) December 21, 2016

Ah, there’s nothing like looking at this cage and reminiscing about Andre McGee wooing recruits with wild dorm sex parties.

But if you ask some delusional students, the cage is all about potentially starting an everlasting tradition:

The Cards debut of The Bird Cage tonight hosting Cats.

— Fred Cowgill WLKY (@FredCowgillWLKY) December 21, 2016