Jeff Carter Middle Fingered, Elise Lobb Hits The Links & Zeke Buying Jewelry

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I’m trying to think of the last time this happened…

…a team makes the AFC title game and decides to leave the city, but it appears to be 100% in stone that the Raiders are leaving Oakland, according to the Las Vegas Sun. It so much in stone that the Raiders will supposedly do it even if billionaire Sheldon Anderson’s not involved. Bold. Very bold. I’ve been pro Raiders in Vegas from the beginning. The crowds will be insane. The Super Bowl on the Strip will eventually be the one bucket list item that every grown man will need to scratch off the list. Guy’s trip for days.

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Joe Thomas' Pro Bowl selection triggers an escalator that increases his 2017 5th day of league year roster bonus (3/13) from $1M to $2.5M.

— Joel Corry (@corryjoel) December 21, 2016

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December 21, 2016