Camille Kostek Landed a Part in a ‘Westworld’ Parody

Rob Gronkowski may be out of commission until next season, but it looks like his better half, Camille Kostek, has been keeping busy with an assortment of projects. Already doing work as a model (signed with Maggie Inc.), NESN host, and an ambassador for Equinox, Camille appears to be also getting into the acting game.
If you liked “Westworld,” then you might enjoy Neoscape’s parody of the HBO hit featuring Camille observing “robots” programmed to be in the holiday spirit. (In addition, there’s nod to the Dolores-Bernard sitdowns and some wild artificial reindeer.) Towards the end of the video you get a double dose of Camille, which is obviously a win:
The Boston Globe notes Camille and Gronk are still an item, in case you were freaking out about the lack of content from that end.
[Camille Kostek- IG]

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