Merry Christmas, Clippers — Blake Griffin’s Having Knee Surgery

blake griffin knee surgery


After more than a decade of Clippers fandom, I’m pretty much immune to the BS that comes with supporting LA’s ugly stepchild. Their postseason runs from 2012-15 in which they either choked or suffered catastrophic injuries have hardened me as a fan, so it really takes something special to bother me these days.

News of Blake Griffin undergoing knee surgery leaking a week before Christmas? That’s the definition of holiday coal for a sports fan, but I’m not bothered. He’ll miss like two months and everyone will play up how well the Clippers operate without him. We get this narrative every season.

What piques my curiosity here is the fact that Blake played 38 minutes on Sunday (dropped 26-7-7) and is now randomly going under the knife. This takes me back to the Donald Sterling days when Chris Kaman would have monster games then miss three months with an ankle injury. No explanation, just Clipper shit.

The OC Register’s Dan Woike did note that surgery isn’t confirmed, but let’s be real, he’s going to have whatever operation he needs to get ready for Lob City’s final playoff act.

Sidenote: Congrats on passing Elton Brand, Blake. Sorry the Clippers curse reared its head like six months early.

Assistant Editor of Busted Coverage. Based in Los Angeles.
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